Current Events:

  1. The Arts Society East Midlands Area: Gold of the Gods: Treasures of the Americas and the Search for El Dorado – 11th July
  2. The Venice of Bellini and Carpaccio – 22nd November
  3. Women Artists Down the Centuries –  starting 26th September

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The Arts Society East Midlands Area

Gold of the Gods : Treasures of the Americas and the Search for El Dorado.

Wednesday 11th July 2018

For the Jubilee celebration of The Arts Society, Chloe Sayer is presenting her golden lecture.

Chloe is an independent scholar and curator specialising in Mexican art and culture. Based in London, she is a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and an outstanding speaker.

Nottingham Conference Centre, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU

Cost: £48 including refreshments and a hot buffet lunch. Also discounted parking at Talbot Street car park and discounted tram travel available. Booking form contains extra details.

First Lecture

South America and the Search for El Dorado: The ancient goldsmiths of Colombia produced some of the most spectacular treasures of South America. For Colombians, gold has a spiritual importance. Europeans, by contrast, saw gold as a commodity. The dream of El Dorado led many Europeans to risk their lives searching for the “golden one”.

Second Lecture

Golden Treasures of Peru: This lecture will look at the Incas, the Moche and the Chimu. They transformed gold into elaborate pendants, breastplates and musical instruments. These ritual objects were destined for temples, places of offering and burial sites.

Third Lecture

Mexico, the golden land: In 1519, Hernan Cortes and a small fighting force landed on the coast of Veracruz and clashed with the warlike Aztecs. We will look at the Aztecs who were great goldsmiths and the Mixtec.

The booking form can be downloaded here.

The Venice of Bellini and Carpaccio

Thursday 22nd November 2018

The day will be held at the Nottingham Conference Centre and will include lunch and coffee.

Paula Nuttall is an established Arts Society lecturer and an authority on Italian and Northern European Renaissance art. She is Course Director of the V&A  late Medieval and Early Renaissance Year Course, and also lectures for the Courtauld Institute and the Art Fund. The much loved paintings of Carpaccio and the Bellini brothers, Giovanni and Gentile, offer a window into the world of Renaissance Venice – a city no less remarkable in 1500 than it is today.

Session1: Venice – another world: Exploring Venice through the art and architecture of Bellini’s era, we begin by thinking about what makes the city unique: its topography and self-image, its power and wealth, and links with the Byzantine and Islamic East.
Session 2: Sacred and Secular Realms: We look at masterpieces by Bellini and his pupils Giorgione and Titian, from great altarpieces for churches to new types of domestic imagery, notably the female nude, with which Venetians decorated their luxurious homes.
Session 3: Art for the Scuole: The distinctive canvases which Bellini and Carpaccio produced for the charitable brotherhoods known as Scuole, offer fascinating glimpses into contemporary Venetian life.

Cost: £44.00 inc. refreshments on arrival and at morning break and a hot two-course lunch in the Old Library.

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Further Reading:

Peter Humfrey, Painting in Renaissance Venice, New Haven and London, 1995

Patricia Fortini Brown, The Renaissance in Venice: a World Apart, London 1997

Tom Nicols, Renaissance Art in Venice: From Tradition to Individualism, London 2011

Course for 2018/19

Women Artists Down the Centuries

Dr Angela Smith

       A new course on Women Artists given by the Art Historian, Angie Smith who has already led several popular courses for us.

The course of six study days will present a chronological survey of women painters and sculptors in the West from the 1400s to the present day. It will examine the social constraints that have made it difficult for women to produce art and, how, over time, opportunities for study and practice have changed.

All study days are on a Wednesday.
26th September 2018 – Introduction
24th October 2018 – History and Still Life:  the 1600s
21st November 2018  – Pastel, print and portrait: 1700 – 1830
30th January 2019 – The Unconventional:  the 19th Century
27th February 2019 Avant garde:  the late 19th and early 20th centuries
20th March – Freedom to create: the 20th Century

The course will take place at Antenna House, Beck Street, Nottingham NG1 1EQ

Please download the application form here. Priority will be given to those who attended previous courses but other members and waiting list members are welcome.