Chairman’s Autumn Newsletter

A very warm welcome to the new Season – Autumn 2017, especially to our new members.

If you take two minutes to look at the website, here you will be made aware of the opportunities open to you. Now that you are part of the fold……………please take advantage. They are:

  • the diverse monthly lectures
  • the themed day lectures on Spanish Art ( 3 in the Autumn and 3 in the Spring)
  • our next Study Day is 15th November on the subject of Klimt and turn of the 19th century Vienna
  • our next visit is 7th December to Haddon Hall
  • or you can involve yourself in the Heritage Volunteers projects and for this please contact Beth Hall or Hillary Olleson.

A group of us from the East Midlands Area Societies has just returned form a guided cultural tour in Italy centred in Bologna and visiting Ravenna, Mantova and Ferrara. The days were intensive as there were lots of exciting things to see and information to absorb from our first class guide. This sort of adventure is open to every member and so do look out for our next trip.

Meanwhile, I do encourage you to become involved in our Society and remember that you only grow old when you stop being curious!!!

Sue Porter