Ilanah Dance


Chairman’s  Newsletter

The first major change for the new season is that there are going to be same two lectures, one following the other with a short break in between. This was forced on us to some extent following the current refurbishment of Cinema 1 at the Broadway leading to a reduction in capacity. It will be more comfortable and with better access but the number of seats will be reduced below our current attendance.

We are hoping that there will be a fairly even balance of members attending each of the lectures so that there will not need to be any limitation on which one members wish to attend. The new arrangements will be more expensive and so the subscription for the year has been increased and we will have to see whether this is enough.

We are also hoping to modernise the system of communication. Most people these days, use email and bank transfers (online payment) and we are hoping to make this more widespread. In addition, each mailing costs your Society about 350 pounds and we would like to put this money to better use. We are just considering how this should be introduced and we are using the experience of other Societies to think about the advantages and pitfalls.

We start the season with a talk by Caroline Walker about Discovering MacDonald Gill who was an architect, artist and mapmaker. He is perhaps best known for his maps of the London Underground.