Ann Bittlestone


Sue Porter

Assistant Chairman

Chairman’s  Newsletter

There has been a busy start to the 18/19 season of lectures.  We are trying a number of new innovations which we hope you will approve of and enjoy.

The first is to make the time between 10.30 and 11.45pm before the lectures a time to meet other members in the mezzanine lounge at Broadway.  Coffee has always been available there, but we have recruited former committee members to circulate and host ‘the get together’.

The idea, which we are trialling to March, is to add a more social aspect to the lectures so if you cannot make December then please try before March.

The second innovation is that members of the Committee will give the vote of thanks to the Speaker instead of the Chairman, who will continue to introduce them.

This gives members an opportunity put a face to a Committee name and hopefully become more familiar to you all.

As you are no doubt aware part of The Arts Society ethos is to encourage an interest in the arts especially in schools.  This we have previously done, but this year the Committee decided to grant a Bursary of £500 to a 3rd Year Art Student at Trent University, to be used for materials required for their final project.

Sue Porter and Ilanah Dance interviewed six applicants along with the staff from Trent and awarded the Bursary to Lucy Bentley. She will be invited to give a presentation to the Committee and the Society will use the Screen Notices and the Newsletter to ensure that members are kept in touch.   Should the Society continue next year with a similar Bursary then it is hoped that the student will give a presentation to the Society.

Study days and Courses are remaining extremely popular but to avoid disappointment please book early. If you have a particular interest that you consider would be enjoyed by other members as a lecture then please get in touch with the Committee.  Similarly, we always are happy to have suggestions for our monthly lectures.

Hillary Olleson has retired from the Committee but is still very involved with Area and H.O.  Beth Hall has taken over with great enthusiasm with the ever evolving projects at Bromley House Library. Starting in 2019 we have projects at Wollaton Hall & City Arts, so if you would like to volunteer please contact Beth.

The Broadway is intending to refurbish Screen 1 (where we meet) during the summer to make access between the rows easier and to increase the comfort of the seats. This will lead in turn to a reduction in capacity and there will not be enough seats for our current membership. The Committee has looked at various possibilities and the best solution appears to be having two identical lectures “back to back”. These will be 10.30 to 11.30 am and 12.30 to 1.30 pm.. We are working out the details as to how this will work and we would like you to think about which session you would like to attend. The membership renewal form will ask you to commit to one or the other but with some flexibility. About 20 other societies have a similar arrangement.

This will also mean an increase in costs and the Committee will ask the AGM to approve an increase in the subscription for next year. There has been no increase for several years and, indeed, there was a decrease last year.

Ann Bittlestone – Chairman