Things to keep you occupied during lockdown

Things to keep you occupied during lockdown

Items that may interest you during lockdown will be listed on the Home Page of the website but do see the Chairman’s page for additional information.

Chris Aslan has a lecture on YouTube which you access without password here  

Sian Walters is an accredited Arts Society Lecturer and Director of Art History in Focus. She is giving live, free art lectures each Monday morning at 9.30am on her Facebook page (which anyone can access, they don’t need a Facebook account to watch) and people can ask questions which she answers at the end. Lots of Arts Society members from different societies are now joining her and there are around 850 to 1,600 viewers for each one. This link goes directly to the Facebook live page for recorded talks already given:

Live lectures will be on the main page every Monday at 9.30 am.: –

– scroll up to near the top of the page where the live lecture will appear a little before 9.30 am.
There is a dedicated website by The Arts Society full of interesting articles at

Peter Medhurst thought that  you might like to know that he has placed a series of his lectures online which are available for anyone who would be interested: Online lectures and courses They are presented on Zoom and all people need is the Zoom app loaded on their computer or iPad etc to view them.

Stella Grace Lyons – an Arts Society accredited lecturer.

“I’m writing to let you know that each Friday I am broadcasting live online Art History talks. Several members of art societies across the UK are already regularly attending and I wondered whether you might wish to let your members know too?

The talks are held each Friday at 11.00am and last 30 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session. They are short, informative and entertaining – designed to inspire listeners during a particularly difficult time and to provide joy and escapism. Each talk costs £7.50 and I have around 150 regulars tuning in regularly from across the UK, Europe and Australasia. I’ve delivered 7 talks so far, including a charity fundraiser for Age UK which I’m delighted to say raised £820.

This Friday’s talk is ‘The Glasgow Boys and their triumph over the Edinburgh Glue-Pots’. The link to register for the talk is here:

For more information about the online talks, to read my testimonials and to see a full list of my lectures you can visit my new website here:

I also am conducting private online talks for Art Societies. I pay for the Zoom subscription that can host 500 people and can set everything up for your society (including sending a help document for those less confident with technology). I have a professional microphone too. Please do let me know if this is of interest to Nottingham’s society.”

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Date published: Mon 9th Nov 2020

Updated: Mon 16th Nov 2020