Our programme normally includes nine lectures a year on a diverse range of arts-related subjects and is proving extremely popular with our existing members. The Broadway has reduced the capacity of our venue in the summer of 2019 and this has enabled us to eliminate  the waiting list as we are having two identical lectures “back to back”. There is now no waiting list for membership and we are happy to take new members.

The Broadway Cinema is closed at the moment because of the Covid-19 virus and we do not know when it will re-open. In addition, there are a number of re-furbishments in the pipeline which may delay our return further. 

Because of this and the Coronavirus, lectures in the coming season will start online and continue online until the situation becomes clearer.

All those who were members in 2019-2020 will need to re-apply for membership but there will be no subscription fee. Re-application is to enable updating of membership details. Email addresses are going to be much more important in the next season.

Download a membership application form – application form.

We have had a number of potential new members.  We are happy to take new members. Those interested should apply to the Membership Secretary, Chris Castledine.

Zoom and access to lectures

The Nottingham Society intends to provide the next year’s programme on “Zoom”. As the situation develops, it may be possible to add virtual visits and study days.

“Zoom” is a software programme which enables virtual meetings and lectures (and possibly visits). Many of you will have used the programme to keep in touch with your families during lockdown. It does not necessarily involve downloading software but there are some advantages if you do.

The Society will provide a link by email to access the lecture . The exact details are uncertain at the moment but it is intended to provide the link as a button to press in the email. This does mean keeping the email “as new” until the lecture.

We also hope to make the lecture accessible on a private channel on YouTube for which you will again require a password. The image quality is said to be better but there some disadvantages of this method.

We hope to be able to help you access Zoom by giving instructions by telephone if required but this is a “work in progress” and it may not be possible for the first meetings.

We realise that only 80% of our membership says that they have an email address and presumably access to the internet. This will limit the access of the remaining 20% but we feel that we have to make a start.

All devices can access Zoom – mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Apple computers.

Some details of Zoom can be found in this document from The Arts Society . It is safe to download this document and Zoom software.

Membership of The Arts Society Nottingham offers you:

  • Free “admission” to our outstanding monthly lectures
  • Normally, access to arts-based visits to stately homes, galleries and other events
  • Additional study / special interest days
  • Social activities
  • Opportunities for volunteering,
  • The Association’s quarterly magazine ‘The Arts Society Review’
  • Tailored tours within the UK and overseas
  • A chance to learn more about the arts, meet new people and have fun!

Membership costs and fees will be suspended for existing members who have belonged to the Society  this year (2019-20). However, those members who wish join during the year (2020-2021) will be asked to pay the full subscription. This is £42 for the year and is intended to help cover fixed costs which are in addition to the costs of the lectures. Those who are applying, are intending to join the Society rather than just attend the lectures.

Events other than the lecture programme –  for example – visits and special interest days, will be charged separately. We aim to cover our costs on these events. It is not clear at the moment when visits will restart but we have a visit to Compton Lacey which has been deferred till next year or possibly later this year.

Applications for membership should be by application form which is available from the Membership Secretary or via the website.  The programme and activities have proved very popular this year.

Guests of members would normally be welcome to attend up to three meetings a season at a fee of £5 for each visit and payable by the member (for tax reasons) . However, the lectures are to delivered by Zoom and guests cannot be accommodated till we return to the Broadway.

Membership of the The Arts Society Nottingham includes  membership of the The Arts Society, the national association. Membership is available by contacting the Membership Secretary and by downloading an Application Form.

The Constitution of The Arts Society Nottingham is available for those who would like to refer to it at the Constitution The Arts Society Notttingham. The constitution is under review and it is likely that amendments will be put to the Annual General Meeting.

Membership of The Arts Society nationally

It is possible to be a member of The Arts Society, which is a national organisation, without being a member of a Society. In the past, this was known as Affiliate Membership but is to be known as Supporter Membership . Supporter Membership is the perfect package for those individuals who may not have the opportunity or the time to commit to The Arts Society society membership but who would still like to support organisation and take advantage of the benefits.
Membership is also ideal for individuals currently on a local Society waiting list who would like to participate in The Arts Society in the interim. A  member of The Arts Society, for just £10 per year, can enjoy:

  • Free subscription to the The Arts Society Review
  • Access to the nationwide programme of events as advertised in the The Arts Society Review and on the  website
  • Participation in  volunteering activities
  • Occasional ticket offers and concessions from museums and galleries across the country

If you are interested in being an affiliate member to The Arts Society, you can get a leaflet setting out the benefits from our Membership Secretary. Download the application form by going to The Arts Society website or from here

Members are welcome to attend  lectures  upon paying the visitors’ fee of £5 per visit (at the discretion of the Committee). We would be grateful if these members would let the Membership Secretary know at least 24 hours beforehand.

Please email the Membership Secretary Chris Castleden at cdcastleden@btinternet.com if you have any queries regarding membership.


Currently, there is no volunteering activity as the venues are closed. We will let members know when the situation returns to normal.

Our volunteers offer their time and energy to help us preserve and celebrate the arts and heritage. But you also get something back from volunteering – you’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and you can enjoy knowing that you are making a huge difference.

Heritage Volunteering – From the conservation of books and textiles to projects in historic parks and gardens, our Heritage Volunteers help to conserve and protect the nation’s heritage.

Young Arts – Encouraging people to engage in arts projects is a valuable and rewarding area of our volunteering. Arts projects for children, young people and other groups in the local area are sponsored and facilitated by the Society and may be supported by grants from The Arts Society.

Currently, Nottingham is not involved in Childrens’ Trails and Church Recording but we would welcome and support anyone with an interest.

Contact The Arts Society Nottingham or go to http://www.theartssociety.org/volunteering