Chairmans Newsletter

Newsletter to members: April 2021


Dear member,


I do hope that you are all in good health and feeling more positive now that the immunisation programme is well under way. It has been cheering to see that Zoom attendance levels for our lectures have remained high and we have even enrolled one or two new members, now totalling 509. Lectures have been well received and email feedback from the members has been very positive. Regarding the remaining lectures until June, we intend to deliver these online.


A first for us will be the holding of our AGM (covering both this season and 2019/20) via Zoom. This will take place immediately after our June 9th lecture at approximately 12:15pm. We do hope you will be supportive and stay online for this brief but essential meeting so that we can be quorate and carry out the necessary business required of an AGM. All of the documentation will be sent to you either electronically or if you are not on email by post in May. Documents are also to be posted on our website for you to see. Please keep an eye out for our emails so that you are kept informed with our latest news.


We will also be sending out membership renewal requests and I sincerely hope that all of you will participate in our exciting programme for next season. Details of the 2021-22 programme have now been uploaded on to our website.


There is still no definite date set for returning to Broadway. We will be in negotiations with them over the summer considering capacity issues and also the possibility of delivering “hybrid” lectures to allow either live attendance or home viewing.  Rest assured we will keep you in the picture, so that everyone can enjoy the programme safely.


Please continue to look through the monthly highlights of summary of events and information circulated by the National Arts Society. Stay connected with the Arts Society website where you can view online lectures and other features.


Ilanah Dance



The Arts Society is continuing to be active whilst we are mindful of Covid-19.

This message is intended to keep you informed on what The Arts Society (at National Level) is doing to try and fill the void whilst our activities are suspended, and to suggest some internet sites you may wish to look at to be able to continue enjoying some of the arts during this difficult period.

Please note that you may not be able to connect to the websites directly if you click on the addresses here, in which case, you should copy the address and paste it on your browser, or just type it in.

TAS have started a number of initiatives which you may find useful.

The first place to look is actually on The Arts Society website

From the menu select Arts, News and Features where there are a number of interesting articles. Whilst on the website you may like to register your email address so that you are kept up to date with the latest actions and facilities being offered by The Arts Society.

TAS New Initiatives for the Coronavirus Period:

There is a new website

Its objective is to provoke discussions amongst the entire population of committee

members and/or general members about the arts.

This will be launched and available to all members during the week commencing 6th April. There should be a general announcement but you may wish to keep an eye on the TAS website

TAS on YouTube

TAS has set up its own YouTube Channel which will enable Lecturers to deliver live or recorded talks. The first broadcast is scheduled for 7th April.

Type     The Arts Society      into the search option within YouTube.

Internet Arts Programmes

A number of art galleries, opera companies, orchestras and theatres are providing recordings of exhibitions and concerts either on their own websites and often on YouTube which I suggest you look at according to your personal taste. Some are listed below but I am sure there are many more.

The last three listed above can also be found on YouTube. Just enter the search mode and you should find them. They have a number of recordings on there, particularly the LSO, and you can choose almost any type of classical music concert.

BBC iPlayer has an Arts section listed in its categories and is well worth looking through for programmes you may have missed

Ilanah Dance

Chair, The Arts Society Nottingham