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Newsletter to members: Spring 22

50 Treasures Project: East Midlands Area

Dear member

We are hoping to take part in a nationwide project involving producing an A5 booklet for the East Midlands Area entitled “50 Treasures”. Each society in the East Midlands  would select three or four images with short descriptive text (100/200 words) which would then be submitted to our area coordinator so that a booklet can be produced covering the entire East Midlands

We would like to involve all the TAS Nottingham membership by asking you to suggest an object large or small in the Nottinghamshire area that you would regard as of particular artistic, heritage or architectural interest and that generally doesn’t feature in mainstream tourist guides.

A number of areas around the UK have already published their 50 Treasure guides which are then sold to their members and the general populace to generate funds for the society.

Having read a copy of the West Midlands Area “50 Treasures” I can see that this project is very positive, creative and fun and will celebrate lesser-known artistic and cultural treasures across our region.

By way of example you could select an art piece or sculpture (including street art), stained glass, churches or historic buildings, special landscaping or garden, ceramics, memorials etc. Anything that would be worth visiting.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please e-mail your suggestions and if possible include a photograph (a phone image is fine) and basic text to me at . I suggest a deadline of 31st May please.

Ilanah Dance

Chair TAS Nottingham

Summer Update

East Midlands Area has now decided there is not enough interest in this project for them to go ahead with it.