AGM Information and Documents

The Annual General Meeting in 2022 took place at Broadway on 12th October 2022 between the first and second lectures.  

This was a result of our change in the financial year which now ends on 30th June 2022 and thus now corresponds to the lecture year.  The draft minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website once they have been seen by the committee at their meeting at the beginning of November.

The important points are that the accounts for 2021/22 were approved, the auditors were re-appointed, and the fees for renewal of membership were fixed at £48 and for guests at lectures at £6.  Chris Elston and Lynne Morgan left the committee, and Sheelagh Glanfield, Philip Glanfield, Liz Holden and Maureen Devlin joined. Vivienne Jarvis has taken over from Beth Hall as our Heritage Volunteers' representative on the committee. A new photo of the committee will appear shortly.