AGM Information and Documents

The Annual General Meeting in 2022 will take place at Broadway on 12th October 2022 between the first and second lectures.  

This is a result of our change in the financial year which now ends on 30th June 2022 and thus now corresponds to the lecture year.  Full information about the AGM will be available at the end of August.  Details of the programme will be sent earlier together with renewal notices.

The 2021 Annual General Meeting followed Christopher Bradley's lecture on 12th June 2021. 

The AGM was held this year on Zoom. We realise that this is unsatisfactory from the voting point of view but we think that it is the best compromise.

The Agenda etc. are listed below and can be viewed by clicking on the relevant file. Voting was by the "poll" facility on Zoom which unfortunately recognised only devices and not members.  We had  a quorum for the AGM votes and we are grateful to those members who stayed on after the lecture. 

The proposed changes to the Constitution were passed to bring it in line with practice (e.g. removing honorary members, electronic banking), changing the financial year to coincide with the Society year and changes to the Committee.