Committee Members


Anyone who is interested in joining the Committee is welcome. There is no expertise nor experience required. Please contact the Chariman for a discussion of potential roles.

Mrs. Ilanah Dance


(0115) 9252045 Click to email

Prof. Lynette Harris

Vice - Chair / Young Arts

(0115) 9281782

Steve Dance


(0115) 9232045 Click to email

Ms. Margaret Morris

Honorary Secretary And Webmaster

(0115) 9507532

Mrs Chris Castleden

Membership Secretary

(01949) 20913 Click to email

Mrs. Rita Wynne

Programme Secretary

(0115) 9375952

Mrs. Lynne Wooliscroft

Programme Secretary

(0115) 9553534

Mrs. Ann Hall

Special Interest / Study Days Secretary

(0115) 9254560

Mrs. Monica Booth

Special Interest / Study Days Secretary

(0115) 9621127

Professor Chris Elston

Committee Member

(0150) 9881252

Mrs. Beth Hall

Heritage Volunteer

(0115) 9414943

Mrs. Lynne Morgan

Committee Member

(0150) 9670359

Dr. Adrian Manhire

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