National Membersip Details

Membership of The Arts Society nationally

It is possible to be a member of The Arts Society, which is the national organisation, without being a member of a Society. In the past, this was known as Affiliate Membership but is to be known as Supporter Membership 

Most people are members of a Society and while Supporter Membership is possible it is not recommended.  Supporter Membership is for those individuals who may not have the opportunity or the time to commit to TAS society membership but who would still like to support organisation and take advantage of the benefits.
 A  member of The Arts Society, for just £20 per year, can enjoy:

  • Free subscription to the The Arts Society Review
  • Access to the nationwide programme of events as advertised in the The Arts Society Review and on the  website
  • Participation in  volunteering activities
  • Occasional ticket offers and concessions from museums and galleries across the country

If you are interested in being a Supporter Member of The Arts Society, you can get a leaflet setting out the benefits from our Membership Secretary. Download the application form by going to The Arts Society website .

Members are welcome to attend  Nottingham Society lectures  upon paying the visitors’ fee of £8 visit for the  May or June 2024 lectures (the fee for the 2024/25 season starting in October 2024 will be £8.50).  Most guests pay using a credit or debit card at the lecture they attend.  You can also pay online using the information in TASN Online Payments

Please email the Membership Secretary Sheelagh Glanfield if you have any queries regarding membership.