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The Glamour Years: Jewellery and Fashion from 1929 - 1959

Wed 12th April 2023

10:30 am and 12:30 pm

By: Andrew Prince

In this talk, Andrew shows how the Great Depression and the Second World war had such an extraordinary impact on fashion and jewellery design with the rise of cinema and Hollywood. From the likes of Marlene Dietrich to Grace Kelly, he guides you through the various screen goddesses, how they were portrayed and what they gave to such dazzling effect. He also shows that with the development of advertising, labour saving devices and leisure time, people had more opportunities to enjoy themselves and spend money on the finer things in life, as well as how the political events of the time influenced design and what was worn.  He shows how the Belle Epoque and Art Deco flowered again in Christiian Dior's New Look.

Andrew Prince developed his passion for jewellery as a child including the Renaissance jewels in the Princely Magnificance exhibition, 18th century gold boxex and Faberge pieces, and the Duchess of Windsor's collection. At 16, he started work in Bond Street and went on to design for private commissions and for films and TV.

The Glamour Years: Jewellery and Fashion from 1929 - 1959

"Oh, I'd never sell it" - other Stuff and Nonsense from the Antiques Roadshow

Wed 10th May 2023

10:30 am and 12:30 pm

By: Lars Tharp

‘Man and boy’ I’ve appeared on all ARS series from 1986 to present. The ‘show-and-tell’ format has been replicated by TV companies throughout the world with local variants. (A Chinese equivalent, in which forgeries are liquidated before your eyes, is particularly ‘interesting’…).This behind-the-scenes talk answers some of the many questions which spring to mind: how is this complex show made; how many people bringing how many objects; how are big objects brought in; do clients know the valuation before interview recording; how many go on to sell; and (often asked) have we ever broken anything?

Lars Tharp has worked with ceramics and other areas for over 40 years and has specialised in Chinese and European ceramics.

The Art of the Steal: Nazi looting during World War II

Wed 14th June 2023

10:30 am and 12:30 pm

By: Shauna Isaac

The Nazis looted an astounding amount of art and cultural property from Jewish families and by emptying museums throughout Europe. Find out why this pillaging was so different from anything that had come before it.  Landmark cases including Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer will be discussed in detail.

Shauna Isaac has been active in World War II art recovery for several years and has helped them to get back several precious treasures.  She has lectured at Sotheby's Institue of Art and has contributed to The Art Newspaper, Times Literary Supplement and Art Quarterly

The Art of the Steal: Nazi looting during World War II

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