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Winslow Homer and the Art of New England

Wed 10th February 2021

11:00 am

By: Brian Healey

The lecture has changed because of the difficulties with Covid.

Winslow Homer and the Art of New England.

Homer's training as a graphic illustrator combined with his incredible mastery of watercolour imbues his work with unique clarity and impact. Although spending most of his life painting the characters and scenery of New England, it was during an extended stay in the fishing village of Cullercoats, Northumberland that he perfected both his technique and his ability to capture mood, atmosphere and emotion. Whether through his dramatic seascapes, or his powerful images of captured solders in the American civil war or his moving studies of the characters of rural New England, he presents us with a fascinating and at times nostalgic portrait of the heart of America at a time of rapid expansion and change.

Winslow Homer and the Art of New EnglandWinslow Homer and the Art of New EnglandWinslow Homer and the Art of New England

Miniature Adults? Images of Childhood in Western Art

Wed 10th March 2021

11:00 am

By: Sophie Oosterwijk

When we look at early child portraits, we often see only miniature adults dressed stiffly in adult-like clothes. Recognising the (artistic) conventions behind such images may help to discover more about childhood throughout history, and about social expectations. Our findings could well be very different from what we might expect.

Miniature Adults? Images of Childhood in Western Art

The Northern Powerhouse

Wed 14th April 2021

11:00 am

By: Mark Ovenden

The driver of the early Northern Powerhouse was its pioneering transportation and great inventiveness: the first modern canals (Bridgewater), first inter-city railways (Liverpool-Manchester), first buses (Salford), first tram (Birkenhead), first Motorway (Preston by-pass). Mark will show how the north (from Sheffield’s’ cutlery to Nottingham’s’ running water) has always been at the forefront of new technology which gave it a competitive advantage over other areas.

The Northern Powerhouse

Twigs Way

Wed 12th May 2021

11:00 am

By: Mary Delany

Mary Delany (1700-1788) and her Paper Flora Delanica

Scandal, politics, botany, art and wit – this talk has it all. Following the life of the ‘grotto nymph’ and creator of botanic paper mosaiks.  After a life of gardening and ‘shell work’ she embarked, aged 72, on a fabulous Flora of paper portrayals of exotic plants.

Twigs Way

Magnificent Mosaics-Window into the Colourful Roman World

Wed 9th June 2021

11:00 am

By: Christopher Bradley

The Romans have left us with a remarkable artistic record of their lifestyle, beliefs, achievements and entertainment in the form of beautiful mosaics. From the best sites and museums in the world we see how they built on earlier Greek traditions; the cities in which they lived; the Gods and myths in which they believed; and the exotic lives of the Romans themselves – from Britain to Sicily, from Morocco to Syria.

Magnificent Mosaics-Window into the Colourful Roman World

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