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Chair of The Arts Society Nottingham - Ilanah Dance

Nottingham Arts Society Visit To Compton Verney - Thursday June 8th 2023

Following a gap of several years,the Nottingham Arts Society enjoyed its first day trip in early June. The venue was Compton Verney , a country house and garden in Warwickshire significantly developed in the 18th century by the architect Robert Adams and the landscape gardener ‘Capability’ Brown'.  After several centuries of varied fortunes, the house and land was rescued by Sir Peter Moore and the Peter Moores Foundation in 1993 and it was gifted to a specially created charitable trust Compton Verney House Trust.

The house and estate are now home to the art collection of Sir Peter Moore plus additional gallery space for temporary exhibitions.

Forty four Nottingham Arts Society members and guests travelled by coach and enjoyed a fascinating and enjoyable day enhanced by the warmth and sunshine. The hospitality we recieved was excellent. We were greeted with coffee and biscuits and later soup and sandwiches, all consumed in an area reserved for our party. Guided tours were given around the two temporary exhibitions, one on Quentin Blake and the other on the history of folk art. Our two guides Pam and Jane were excellent and well informed as well as being very entertaining.

There was sufficient time to see the beautiful grounds as well as the permanent collections before boarding the coach to return to Nottingham.

Plans are already taking place for future trips in the 2023/24 season.

Liz Holden

News from the Committee

Ilanah is now providing up to date information in the emails which are sent to members each month in the first week of the month. She also gives updates in the messages she gives members before introducing the speakers at the lectures. Anything important can be communicated faster and more easily in this way.  These communications are more direct than the website and more likely to be seen by members. The committee will continue to look at new ways of getting information to you.

The committee met in November and welcomed Janet Pether who was prepared to do her first newsletter and screen notices.

The committe reviewed the first use of membership bar-codes, and the increasing use of card readers for payments by members. We trust that the processes will get smoother once both the committee and members get used to the new ways. Everyone should by now have received a membership pack with a bar-code on your Membership Information Diary and a separate smaller card with the same bar-code.  Please bring one of these to the lecture and use it as you enter.  Guests will be referred to the Sum-Up machines to pay, as will anyone wanting to pay for membership, study days or course days.  We have now opened the booking using online forms for the days of the course in February and March, and for the Study Day on understanding antiques in April.

We look forward to meeting as many new members as possible at the coffee session on the Mezzanine floor at Broadway between the two lectures. More longstanding members are still welcome, and this month we will have some extra space with an additional room open adjoining the bar.

PS We hope the screenshots of the committee will be brought up to date after our December committee meeting. These meetings are by Zoom which accounts for the use of screen shots, but also enables each committee member to be identified.