50 Treasures - A photographic opportunity


The East Midlands Area proposes to publish a book with the above title.

Scope and Content - To showcase 50 less well-known local artistic or architectural features - including Churches, historic houses, statues and monuments, museums and galleries, places of topographical interest, local curiosities, transport-themed entries, industrial archaeology, gardens and your favourite ‘quirky’ places. We aim for 8 entries per county, but avoid popular places, eg National Trust and English Heritage. If every EM Society is involved, it only needs 3-4 items each. Entries comprise a quality colour photograph accompanied by a text of 100-120 words. Please e-mail pic and text as soon as it is available to: Vivienne Jarvis vivienne@jarvisfamily.me.uk

Please include name and contact details.  Vivienne is happy to help with the accompanying wording if this is required.

Final selection will be up to the editors. Minimum Production Standards for Submissions Text as a .doc (Word 97-2003) or .docx file. Set camera/mobile phone to highest quality setting. Images save as a high-quality JPEG. Image under 500kb will be too small. Do not compress image to send. Copyright for Images Your own pictures will generally be fine. Some Museums and Heritage sites prohibit photography or its use in commercial publications. Check their websites. Make sure you are on public property or seek permission for photography and reproduction. If the photograph is by someone else, obtain their permission to use with acknowledgement. Many Heritage sites have quality images without charge, if acknowledged. Please include appropriate acknowledgement within your text.

Production Schedule Submissions deadline 3lst March 2023 to give time to select and edit entries, and process the photographs. Proof reading etc will be undertaken before printing. The book will be available to Societies by October 2023 to suit the Christmas sales market .

Sales Suggested sale price at £9.50 each is commercially attractive. 1,000 print run, cost £5 per book to produce. 500 copies sold will break even.

Benefits to individial societies • Opportunities to publicise our society • Income from sales will help to replenish our coffers • The purchase of copies will allow you to find the ideal Christmas gift for friends and family • Personal satisfaction for contributors to see their work in print The support of individual members is essential to the success of this venture. Similar publications have been successfully produced by a number of areas. We hope that you will be encouraged to participate in this very worthwhile project

An example prodiced by TAS Derby, who are co-ordinating the contributions from all East Midland Societies to produce the final book, can be seen at The Silk Mill Mural

Ilanah Dance. Chair

TAS Nottingham

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Date published: Sun 29th Jan 2023

Updated: Sun 29th Jan 2023